Sometimes the best ideas come from a timely combination of observation and opportunity. When GSS CEO Mark Hogan spoke to an assembled group at the Harvard Business School about selling to the federal government, he recounted a story that he had told many times before.

While transforming BEA Government Systems from a virtually invisible $2 million supplier into a nearly $150 million technology provider, Mark received dozens of calls every single day from technology partners who wanted to learn how to mirror BEA’s federal success. Mark had to hire a dedicated employee just to handle the volume of calls coming in every day from eager technology executives.

After telling his story, a hand was raised in the back of the room and one of the attendees asked a simple question: Why doesn’t someone create a business to help technology companies generate and ultimately master government sales?

That simple question launched Government Sales Specialists, which has now helped technology companies of all sizes generate over $400 million in sales to the federal government.

Replicating the formula that led to his success at Oracle, BEA Government Systems and other technology companies, Mark assembled a team of highly experienced federal sales executives, with networks that extended into the C level of the civilian, intelligence and defense agencies, and built a support team of inside sales reps, marketing specialists, researchers and sales partners that resulted in GSS becoming the largest and most successful government sales outsourcing firm in the country.

GSS manages the entire sales cycle, including proactive research (which agency has budget money to spend, and on what initiatives), marketing campaigns, identification and qualification of opportunities, management of the technical evaluation through the closing of the deal in the most efficient manner. And success is measured by one simple metric: sales closed.

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