Comprehensive Coverage of the Government Vertical

Our experienced sales executives have developed a deep understanding of the processes required to generate revenue in the government space. Additionally, GSS will address the many aspects of the sales processes unique to the vertical, including business development, partner management, contract management and teaming agreements.

Key Components of our Methodology



A reality of any successful government sales organization is the necessity of a deep network of contacts. There is no shortcut to this process; it takes years to build the network, and one must constantly stay on top of new appointees, intergovernmental transfers, and retirements. Having such strong contacts, GSS organizes several hundred meetings per month – a frequency unmatched by all but the largest integrators. This enables us to quickly accelerate pipeline development.


The Government is infamous for its myriad of procurement rules and regulations that dictate how transactions are to be conducted. A deep understanding of these rules is required, not only to ensure proper and legal courses of actions, but also to recognize when a sole source solution is justified, how to go about that course of action, and how to close the deal in a timely fashion. Once again, our staff of highly experienced, enterprise class sales executives enable GSS to fully explore every sales option.


With any large sales organization, proper management is key to successful revenue generation. GSS uses a comprehensive suite of sales force automation tools, research tools, and management tools; combined, they  ensure growth in the pipeline, activities and most importantly, revenue generation. Additionally, with multiple sales executives, account executives and inside sales representatives identifying and qualifying opportunities for our clients, the need for comprehensive management is paramount.

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